COVID-19 Toronto Diabetes Care Connect

During the COVID-19 pandemic the health of clients and staff is our priority

(This page was last updated Dec 20, 2022)

To help you through this challenging time Toronto Diabetes Care Connect is using this page to share:

    1. Toronto Central Referral Service Information,
    2. Diabetes and COVID-19 Information,
    3. Healthcare Provider Resources, and
    4. Additional Resources/Initiatives.

1. Toronto Central Referral Service Information

The Toronto Central Referral Service (TCRS) is continuing to operate, forwarding referrals to the most appropriate program to meet the needs of the person at risk of or already living with diabetes.  To get connected to a program click here.

  • All available programs are providing care remotely whenever possible (e.g. via phone, video, etc.) and many programs have been resuming in-person appointments.
  • Please note that the organizations/programs that the TCRS connects to may be focusing on delivering essential services (e.g. they may have cancelled some services, closed some service locations, or temporarily closed programs).

If you have submitted a referral, the TCRS will communicate with you to keep you informed.

  • Please call the TCRS at 416-778-0676 x 2242 if you have any questions or concerns.
  • Due to the COVID-19 pandemic response times may be longer than normal. We thank you for your patience.

2. Diabetes and COVID-19 Information

Information for people at risk of or already living with diabetes can be found on the Diabetes Canada website.

General information about COVID-19 can be found on the following websites:

3. Healthcare Provider Resources

The following resources for healthcare providers focus specifically on supporting those with diabetes during the COVID-19 pandemic:

Additional resources for health care providers working in diabetes can be found on our Healthcare Provider Resource page.

4. Additional Resources/Initiatives of Interest

The following resources may be of interest to you:

For more information about South Riverdale Community Health Centre and COVID-19 visit the South Riverdale CHC website.